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Hello I am Mr. Bipul Bala, according to

astrology the name is Dr. Prodyut Acharya

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From my childhood I was very interested in old things, such as historical events, Ramayana, Mahabharata, old construction, etc. I was science-minded, anti-superstitious, worshiped gods, worshiped, had no devotion to God, no faith. As I began to Opposing God, I began to know God and I came to realize God. Gradually I started to know about some people like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahansadeva, Adiguru Shankaracharya, Sage Patanjali, Lord Gautam Buddha, etc. After realizing these, I wanted to know about God. The more I try to know about Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Maa Kali, Devi Durga, and God theory, i feeling the happy, I am still trying to know. The interest in astrology is due to my own misfortune, I have only gained fame by doing many kinds of deeds in life, I have not been able to eradicate poverty by earning money. Why is this happening? To find out why, I bought some books on astrology and started reading them. After reading various books on astrology for four or five years, I feel that if I want to understand this scripture better, I need the help of an expert. I have decided to be admitted to any astrological company. Then I got admitted in Kolkata "Viswa jyotish Vidyapeeth" finished studying here for 2 years. Then to "South kolkata astrology and Vastu Science Academy" astrologi Institute I was admitted and 4 years of study. Below is a description of the title and degree I have achieved in these few years.

Jyotish Vidyashree

1, Certificate in astrology (ARP)

Jyotish Bharati

2, Diploma in astrology (ARP)

Vidya Jyotish Acharya

3, MA. in Astrology. Grade 2nd Silver Medal Winner (SKAVSA)

Vidya Jyotish Bachaspati

4,M Phil in astrology Grade 2nd Silver Medal Winner (SKAVSA)

Vidya baridhi

5, PhD. in Astrology. Won Gold Medal (SKAVSA)

Gem Therapist

6, Gem therapy certificate (SKAVSA)

Vidya Rana

7, Module (a)Palmistry (b)numerology (SKAVSA)

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Some Pictures Dr. Pradyut Acharya when he Received the Certificates of Astrology

Some Pictures. the Title and Certificates that, Dr. Pradyut Acharya Achieved in Astrology.

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The Reception Rfrom the Shishu Milan Sab Payechi Asar

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