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Hello I am Mr. Bipul Bala, according to

astrology the name is Dr. Prodyut Acharya

My organization "My Astrology"

Address- Nasra colony (tut bagan)

Ward no-18

Post- Nasra Pin-741202

City- Ranaghat

District- Nadia

Contact +91 9333122768


Terms of use

Sets the following terms under which My Astrology services ("My Astrology" or "" or "we" or "us") offer you access to our services.

Welcome When using services, you ("you" or "yours") agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein ("Terms of Service").

Accepting the Terms of Service: Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using the services provided by our website If you agree to these terms, please accept our service

These Terms of Service

The revised terms may be revised at any time by at our discretion by posting the revised terms on our website.

1. Description of provides astrological content, reports, data, telephone and email advice ("Content") via the World Wide Web, electronic mail. Although parts of the content can only be viewed by visiting the site ("Paid Services"), there is a charge to enter the personalized astrological realm and / or to obtain additional materials and services from ("Paid Services"). Payment Services are collectively referred to as "Services" in these Terms of Service. Considering the services provided,

2. Service policy:

The Services are only available to those who can obtain legally binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the aforementioned, the Services are not permitted to be used by minors (which means, in most jurisdictions, those under the age of 18). does not permit the use of the Services by the inhabitants of any jurisdiction which may prohibit our Services or prohibit access to trade in any country by law, regulations, treaties or administrative law. If you do not qualify, please do not use the Services.

3. Change of services; Violation CONCLUSION:

Any post or payment service (pricing) on ​​the website may change at any time at our discretion without liability to you or any third party.

4. Privacy Policy:

Privacy is very important to us, and our Privacy Policy, which may be updated from time to time, is available on the Website, and is included in the Terms of Service by this reference. We may from time to time modify our Privacy Policy in accordance with the terms of this Service (as described in the preamble above). more details

5. Return and cancellation policy:

Extensive return and cancellation policy service

Refunds will be considered only if the customer mails to our or mails to WhatsApp at within 2 hours of payment. No refunds will be given after 2 hours from the time of payment.

No refunds will be given if the information provided by the customer is incorrect. However, if the customer mails us within one hour of ordering the service, we will consider the changes.

Once the service is accepted, no refunds will be given.

All eligible refund requests will be made within seven business days from the date of receipt. However, it is subject to the transaction and processing time taken by the bank and paytm/razorpay payment gateway.

In case of double payment by mistake against a single order, a refund will be given.

All refunds will be made after deducting the transaction charges levied by the bank or paytm/razorpay payment gateway, or any other charges that may be borne by during processing and / or service delivery as applicable.

6. Comprehensive return and cancellation policy products

All printable products, including My Astrology Brihat Horoscope, Janam kundli and plam reading, phone call advice, non-refundable.

If the customer finds the product in a damaged / defective / broken condition, the customer can apply for replacement. Customers can apply for this by mail to or within two working days of delivery. No refunds will be given after the expiration of two days from the date of delivery of the goods.

All products must be returned in their original condition, including any bills and labels. Customer must send to with pictures of broken / defective / damaged product within 2 days of delivery or

Disputes need to be registered by sending an email to Disputes registered two days after delivery cannot be accepted by the sellers.

In case of double payment by mistake against a single order, a refund will be given.

All refunds will be deducted after deducting transaction charges, shipping or courier charges (before and after), customs duty and / or any other charges borne by my astrology as determined by the bank or paytm/razorpay payment gateway. In the case of processing and / or service delivery, as applicable. However, none of the above will be refunded if returned due to damaged / defective / broken product.

7. Behavior and limitations of members; Compliance with the law:

Your right to use the Services is your personal. You represent that you are an individual and you are not a corporation or other business entity. You agree not to resell the Services or make any commercial use of it without the express written consent of You are solely responsible for the content of your transmission through our website. Use of your Services is subject to all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations. You agree:

(1) comply with all Indian laws relating to the transmission of technical data exported from India through the Services;

(2) do not use websites or services for illegal purposes;

(3) not to interfere with or disrupt the networks connected to;

(4) comply with all applicable regulations, policies and procedures of the networks connected to the website; And

(5) Comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, rules, ordinances and regulations regarding the use of your Services. uses the Internet to send and receive specific messages; Therefore, your conduct is subject to Internet regulations, policies and procedures. You will not use for the use of chain letters, junk mail, spamming, or distribution lists. You agree not to post any illegal, harassing, defamatory, insulting, threatening, harmful, obscene, obscene or otherwise offensive material of any kind or nature through You further agree not to transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate local, state, national or international laws or regulations. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems are prohibited. You will not interfere with the use or enjoyment of any other website or service.

8. There is no warranty. You understand and agree that:

(A) Services are provided "as is" and with all errors does not assume any liability for availability (or lack thereof), timeliness (or lack thereof), deletion, incorrect delivery, or failure to store contact or personalization of any member;

(B) In particular, but not by way of limitation, is not obliged to re-serve if the service is not received within 15 days after payment. In our opinion, in that case you may have to send the information again.

(C) your use of the Services is at full risk, and you will be solely responsible for any loss or data loss of your computer or mobile system as a result of the upload / download.

(D) the Services are provided solely for the purpose of entertainment motivation and for, on behalf of itself and its providers, denies any warranty of any kind to allow the publisher to give hints, or non-infringement and any Does not warrant or represent any goods or services, the accuracy or reliability of any material obtained through the Services, any products or services received or received by any product or service, or any transaction entered through the site of, and the Services meet your requirements. Gives no warranty that will, uninterrupted, timely, secure. No warranty or information, whether oral or written, may be obtained from or through the Services.

9. Limitation of Liability.

In no event shall or its suppliers be liable for any indirect, accidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, but not limited to damages, ("indirect damages") to our website, services, our privacy policy, or services. These Terms (however arising out of, including negligence) are derived from or related to the benefits. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and its suppliers will not be liable for any indirect damages arising out of or in connection with:

(a) inability to use or use the Services;

(B) any goods or services purchased or received through the site of, or messages received or transactions are entered through the services of;

11. Compensation: You may indemnify,

defend and indemnify and its owners, assistants, associates, officers, directors, employees, suppliers, consultants and agents against any and all third party claims, liabilities, damages and / or costs. Agree to your use of the Services, your Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service, or any intellectual property or other rights users of your account to any person or entity arising out of the violation of the rights of any third party, including you or anyone else. These Terms of Service will benefit the heirs, assigned and licensed

The process of purchasing products and services - from end to end - to purchase any service / product or to take an apartment. After the user selects the product from the page and clicks on the order now/book now option under the product/service, next to the payment option on the payment page, the user may have to provide their details such as name, email, mobile number, and address. Payment must be completed to for the user order. The user is also informed about the details of the order and the receipt of payment via email, SMS and notification.

Price shipping and delivery policy

Price policy

The value of the services and items offered on the web site can be estimated. Since the price of the service can range from Rs 300 to Rs 5,000, the price is determined by the astrologer according to the client's demand. And the price of the product is determined according to the quality and weight. Prices may vary and vary according to the selection of the astrologer, day of service, time, month or time of the company and any other criteria determined at his discretion. Astrologers who provide services through companies and platforms can change the price at their own discretion. Prices may also vary for other standard services such as horoscope reporting, horoscope and horoscope matchmaking.

GST and other taxes

The price paid by the customer includes Good and Services Tax (GST) and / or any other tax and is determined by law, unless otherwise specified / displayed on the platform. If the user has a problem accessing the receipt, the user can call or call +91 9333122768 - and WhatsApp to resolve

Shipping and Delivery Policy (Products)

MyAstrology will only supply products within India. International buyers will only be offered astrological advice and no products required for shipping will be made. For domestic buyers, We deliver goods by speed post, it takes 4 to 7 days anywhere in India. Sometimes it takes 10 to 20 days, will not be responsible if it takes more time due to unexpected reasons. If the product is damaged by courier company, the customer will not be responsible for it, will take all the responsibility.

Proud to use the paytm/razorpay Payment Gateway name for easy and efficient secure payments. All majorcredit card, debit card, and upi are accepted. paytm/razorpay Yours company name is not responsible for losing the order in any way while transiting to the buyer.

Shipping and Delivery Policy (Services)

Delivery of our services will be confirmed via mail on your WhatsApp at the time of registration. For any problem using our services you can contact us by email or WhatsApp and phone + 91 9333122768.

How to calculate delivery charge for multiple units and some products

Shipping charge is based on product weight. For multiple products ordered from the same department, the program adds the weight of all units ordered and charges a single delivery fee.

Return and Refund Policy has no return policy on transactions, once it reaches the "processing" stage. Members are requested to take due care when ordering reports and services. Withdrawal and cancellation of any money against the order given is entirely at the discretion of the management of Please note that refund requests for incorrect data provided will not be accepted. So you are asked to double check and confirm the information you are giving us. However, if you e-mail us at within one hour of ordering the report, we will consider the changes.

Once an astrologer is hired, no refund request will be accepted for the order. The delivery time frame displayed on the website is approximate. However, we try our best to adhere to the timeline. But since reports are personalized and prepared manually, delays sometimes become inevitable. Delay will not be considered as reason for refund.

No refunds will be given for the return of damaged goods. By ordering the service at, the customer assumes full responsibility for any damage to the product, posting its delivery. Although the products displayed on the website try to ensure that the products are delivered to the customer in the correct condition, the image may differ slightly from the original product. Customers are advised to exercise prudence in this regard. No refunds will be given to these bases.

"Myastrology" imposed by the transaction owner, shipping or courier (before and after), customs duty and / or bank or paytm/razorpay payment gateway. In the case of processing and / or processing systems, as applicable.

In the same way the answer is to pay back in full (excluding the politics of duplicate payment transactions), after a couple of costs.

If you are enrolled in an event or policy that requires a prepayment, the prepayment for participating in the event will be considered a refundable deposit and will not be refunded if you do not wish to participate in the event. If the event payment is paid in full before the event is joined and the payment is processed, it will be considered non-refundable. reserves the right to change this option next time.